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Protecting Your Rights if You Are Injured

Most of us work hard to assure that we keep ourselves and our families safe. Even while taking the best of precautions, sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes injuries result from those accidents. Protecting your rights if your injured is extremely important and time-sensitive; following are some ways to help you protect yourself as you face the challenges following an accident.

Witnesses: It is important to get the name and contact information of those who witnessed your accident. Often, witnesses see the accident from various angles, so they can help assist investigators in determining what happened. Plus, being there on the scene, they also tend to have a sense of emotional investment as well; they want to see you heal from your injuries and will do their best to provide accurate, first-hand information of what they saw.

Police Reports: If a law enforcement official did not arrive on the scene of your accident, you should be sure to call the police and to file a police report. In the absence of an official police report, your claims could be called into question--or denied altogether--because there is no substantial proof that it happened. You should also have a copy of the police report for yourself.

Do Not Take Responsibility Prematurely: Believe it or not, in the wake of an accident, injured parties can sometimes blame themselves, out loud. Perhaps it's the immediate shock of the event; however, you do not want to make statements at the scene which can (and sometimes do) come back to harm you.

Seek Medical Attention: When you are at the scene of an accident, if you feel any pain at all, you should be seen by a medical professionals. Tell EMTs, doctors or nurses who treat you following an accident about anything that you feel. However, in the interest of protecting your rights if your injured, you should not attempt to speculate about the cause of your pain and injuries (especially when you have other medical challenges). If your case does go to litigation, your medical records can, and often are, called into evidence. Let the medical professionals attend to, diagnose and treat your injuries-that's their specialty.

Seek A Reputable Attorney: Speaking of specialties, protecting your rights if your injured is the job description, and passion, of a personal injury attorney. Retain an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible, and do not accept insurance settlement offers until you have consulted with your attorney.

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