When Should My Injury Lawyer Inform Me To Settle

If you’re ever in an accident and have been injured through no fault of your own you will most likely need to hire an injury lawyer. Medical bills, time off from work, or a damaged car can be financially overwhelming. During this process there may be times when your lawyer informs you that it’s time to accept a settlement. The following provides information regarding when an injury lawyer may advise you to settle.

The Opposing Side Accepts Your Offer

At some point in the legal process your lawyer will send a letter to the opposing side requesting your demands regarding the injuries you have received. The opposing party will often send back a counteroffer. Although this doesn’t occur the majority of the time, it is possible that the insurance company or individual responsible quickly accepts the offer. There may be cases when the opposing side wishes to avoid negative publicity or know they will likely lose if the case goes to court. In this case your lawyer will almost certainly advise you to settle.

The Counteroffer is Acceptable

More often than not, the counteroffer will be lower than the original offer. Sometimes, however, the offer is still reasonable. If you’re offered something that is less than what was requested, but still an adequate amount to pay any bills you may have accrued, then an injury lawyer will sometimes advise you to accept and settle. You also have to keep in mind that going to trial will cost money. The cost, time, and risk of going to trial may outweigh accepting what has been offered. Even if you go to court and win, it is often more difficult to collect damages if the opposing party has been forced to pay a certain amount and feels that the amount is unfair.

The Statute of Limitations May Run Out

Some cases have a statute of limitations, meaning you only have so much time to even file a case. If there are even several weeks left, that may not be enough time to properly prepare a case and go to trial. In a situation such as this you may have no choice but to settle and accept virtually any offer that’s on the table. If you refuse a settlement and the statute of limitations passes, it is likely you will receive no compensation for your injuries.

Your Medical Treatment is Completed

If you’ve been discharged from the hospital, the doctor has given you a clean bill of health, and there is no further therapy or doctor visits planned, it may be time to settle. Sometimes injury lawyers wait to settle because medical treatment is still in process and what is necessary to fully compensate for the injuries is still undetermined. If there were only minor injuries, medical procedures are completed, and all the bills have come in, it may be time for your lawyer to inform you to settle.

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