Personal Injury Case

Have you, or someone you care about, been injured in an auto accident or a mishap at work? Perhaps you’ve been harmed due to a doctor’s error or a fall in front of your neighborhood’s porch. Such events can cause life-long pain and suffering, not to mention exorbitant medical bills. Although the last thing you may feel like doing when you’ve been injured is looking for a lawyer, your future well-being and that of your family may depend on it.

Keep in mind also that many injuries don’t appear until days or even weeks following an accident. Be careful about making any statements at the scene of the accident or settling with an insurance company until you know for sure that you have no lasting injuries.

Types of personal injury cases

What type of cases can a personal injury attorney help you with? The broad term, “personal injury” covered a variety of injuries and lawsuits. Below are just a few types of injuries a personal injury lawyer can help you with:

  •     Auto accident injuries — injuries due to another driver’s error
  •     Slips and falls — one of the most common type of personal injury case
  •     Workplace injuries — from slippery floors to faulty machinery
  •     Injuries resulting from product defects — injuries from poorly-designed products, from medication to lawnmowers to cribs
  •     Medical negligence or malpractice injuries — doctors can make mistakes, too
  •     Exposure to hazardous materials (like asbestos) — Were you exposed to hazardous materials in your past work environment?
  •     Boating accident injuries — Injuries caused by another boaters mistake

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