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Finding a lawyer for personal injury cases involves doing some research. You want to hire an attorney that has a history of winning in the court room. Your best chance for a reasonable settlement will depend on your attorney’s expertise and his court room delivery. Although you can randomly call lawyers listed in the telephone directory to gather facts on fees and availability, deciding which lawyer will ultimately represent you should be a well thought out decision.

Shared Burden

Personal injuries can happen as a result of direct or indirect negligence. Other personal injuries occur when inappropriate behavior is involved. When injuries are sustained because someone provokes a fight or initiates a physical attack there could be an emotional component to consider. Some fights result in both parties sharing the financial burden that is created.

Defining the Injury

Thousands of personal injury lawsuits are filed every year. People initiate lawsuits because they slip and fall, are involved in auto accidents or perhaps because something they ate at a local diner made them ill. Some lawsuits are filed not only to compensate the party injured, but to protect others from injury in the future. Some examples might be lawsuits against municipalities when traffic signals don’t operate properly or when law enforcement officers use excessive force.

Determining Compensation Levels

Regardless of the personal injury you have suffered, finding the best lawyer for personal injury to handle your case is imperative. Your lawyer can explain how he calculates an appropriate compensation amount.

Although most people seek reimbursement for medical expenses and money lost while off work recovering, there are many other damages to be considered.

  • Loss of future earnings ability
  • Wrongful death damages
  • Mental/Emotion Distress
  • Loss of Spousal Support (if a death affects a spouse—married or divorced)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for continuing disability or impairment
  • Future medical expenses

It is the responsibility of the plaintiff, the one filing the lawsuit, to prove they were damaged by the other party. A lawyer for personal injury cases is responsible for presenting evidence to the court and jury that supports those claims. He or she must show that the accident was avoidable and the defendant could have taken steps to ensure the plaintiff was not subjected to injury.

Personal injury lawsuits are complicated and time-consuming. It is essential to file a lawsuit in a timely manner. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible after an injury ensures that the statute of limitations does not expire before a suit can be filed. Usually there is a two year maximum from the date of the initial injury to file your case. When you find a lawyer for personal injury to work with, ask him to explain your time limits for filing and other restrictions that could impact your case in the court room.

Your attorney is your partner throughout your legal battle. He will protect and defend your interest and work hard to get you a reasonable settlement to provide for your future.

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