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Everyone knows that medicine is not an exact science, but when you have suffered at the hands of a negligent medical provider you should consult with an experienced malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

Consumers have some built in ethical protection against harm when they buy products on the open market. There is an implied warranty that using a company’s products won’t cause harm if they are used properly. When something goes wrong, business owners have the burden to prove their products are safe for ordinary use. Establishing medical malpractice is not as well-defined.

Some estimates suggest that approximately one hundred thousand patients die in the United States each year due to medical mistakes or negligence. An exact number of injuries and deaths is difficult to determine. Studies show that only four percent of injured patients or their surviving families hire an attorney to file a lawsuit.

One reason the number of lawsuits is so low might be that only one in five patient-plaintiffs win their cases. Many people assume they could never win a case against a reputable doctor or large hospital facility. An experienced malpractice attorney is instrumental to a successful jury trial.

Even though doctors are taking a more defensive approach to medicine today—ordering more tests and implementing multiple layers of information verification—accidents still happen. As hospitals struggle to meet shrinking reimbursement schedules from Medicare and insurance providers, the demand for moving more patients through faster is increasing. Faster throughput does not necessarily mean more efficient and effective patient care.

Doctors are ordering more tests; however, one of the most common medical errors is the failure to adequately interpret and respond to test results properly. Delays in prescribing treatment or medication result in injuries and medical complications almost daily. Along the same lines is the failure to properly prescribe medication to treat a diagnosed condition. Patients that are overmedicated or under-medicated can both suffer harm.

Three Common Medical Errors

  • Technical Errors occur when a surgeon inadvertently cuts an artery or muscle during surgery. It could be an accident or it could be as a result of inexperience. Either way, the patient is injured.

Failure to Monitor Patients After Treatment

  • In hospital settings, post-operative care is critical to a successful patient recovery. Errors in judgement are common in patient hospital rooms. Failure to monitor a patient’s progress and vital signs accurately could lead to serious injury or death.
  • Unnecessary Treatment Delays that are directly related to administrative duties or errors in judgment are responsible for numerous injuries. Even when death is avoided, some brain injuries can lead to life-long hardships.

If you or a loved one has been injured by improper medical treatment, talking to a malpractice attorney can help you determine if your case has merit. Look for an attorney with extensive experience representing injured parties in the court room. Your attorney should have a thorough understanding of the medical profession, mediation and negotiation skills and a solid reputation with the courts in your area.

If you have a comment, question or concern, contact your Malpractice Attorney today.

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