What is a Personal Injury Lawyer

Chances are, you have seen lawyer commercials on TV that advertise with catchy slogans about getting in a car accident and getting a check for it. All of these lawyers are part of the personal injury legal field, and work on behalf of their clients to get compensation for injuries received in a serious accident. That’s the simple explanation. Just what is a personal injury lawyer, and what do they do for their clients?

A personal injury lawyer represents clients who have suffered some kind of injury. The injury can be physical, mental or emotional, and has been inflicted by another individual or entity. This is a type of law that is called tort law, and deals with the civil courts in the pursuit of damages. The damages can be financial or non-financial, and are to “right” the wrong done to the individual. The wrong can be inflicted on the individual’s body, property, reputation or rights. A majority of the personal injury lawyers focus on accidents that occur in a variety of settings. The lawyer works on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay no retainer when you hire the lawyer to work your case. These are the basics of what is a personal injury lawyer.

Here is an example of when you need a personal injury lawyer: you are driving along, and someone runs a red light, striking your car and causing you injuries. A series of events begin the moment you are on the receiving end of an accident, and they are not all medical. Yes, you need to have your injuries tended to, and then you need to heal, but you also have to protect your rights in the meantime. This sometimes isn’t easy because you are severely injured, and can’t really focus on doing anything but getting better. Meanwhile, the offender’s insurance company is working out ways it can avoid paying out the total amount of coverage it claims to provide. To that end, the insurer sends in representatives to try to talk to you at your most vulnerable time to get you to sign your rights away. Never, ever sign anything as you are waiving your right to sue for damages later. Instead, remember that you asked what is a personal injury lawyer, and that the answer was that it’s someone who protects your rights. Retaining one gets you an advocate that runs interference for you with the insurance company.

The personal injury lawyer is much more than someone who fields calls and handles paperwork on your behalf. In order for the lawyer to earn, he needs to press for a settlement or file a court case when no resolution can be reached. To that extent, he interviews any witnesses, gathers evidence, hires experts to recreate an accident scene and brings it all together into an organized case. This is done in order to prove that you are a victim of the situation and seek appropriate damages to cover your medical bills, cost of living expenses or any loss you have suffered from the actions of another.

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