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Will Selecting an Accident Injury Attorney be Expensive

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Will Selecting an Accident Injury Attorney be Expensive

If you've been injured in an accident, you may need the services of a good accident injury attorney. The chances are high, though, that money will be very tight. You probably have a lot of medical bills piling up from the injury itself, and you don't have extra funds lying around to hire a lawyer to go after the party who injured you. Fortunately, many accident injury attorneys work on contingency. That means they don't get paid until (and unless) they win your case for you. That can be a great way to get a good attorney with no out of pocket costs.

Be sure to ask any attorney you contact whether he or she works on contingency. Find several that do, and interview them. It's important that you feel comfortable with the person who's going to represent you. When you agree to sign a contract with an accident injury attorney, you'll want to read that contract carefully before signing. Make sure there aren't any hidden fees, that it's clear the lawyer is working on contingency, and that the percentage of the award they will receive is included. Most attorneys charge 1/3 of the money they recover for you, plus their expenses.

While that can be considered expensive, you aren't being asked to pay anything up front. The only way the attorney will make any money for all the work he or she has done, is if you are the winning party. If the other party to the case wins, you don't get any money and your lawyer makes nothing. Make sure you're clear about whether the attorney expects you to pay his or her expenses if the case isn't successful. You don't want to be on the hook for thousands of dollars when you already have big medical bills. That could be a real financial disaster.

You also have to consider that money isn't the only factor to think about when you're going to hire an attorney. Getting the least expensive one (even if you base that on the percentage of your award he or she will take), isn't always the best choice. Many attorneys charge high fees because they've earned them. They have the education and experience to be successful in the majority of cases they take. If they're getting paid on contingency, they're not going to take your case unless they feel confident they can win it. Otherwise they would be wasting a lot of time, and not getting anything in return.

Use the cost as only one of your considerations when you choose an accident injury attorney. Also consider how long he or she has been a lawyer, how successful he or she has been in winning cases, and if there are specialties he or she works in. Don't hire someone who "does it all." You specifically want to get someone who deals exclusively with injury cases. That attorney will be knowledgeable about the issues you're facing, and better able to represent you correctly.

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