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Whats The Average Personal Injury Settlement

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Whats The Average Personal Injury Settlement

You have seen the TV commercials regarding law firms that have won personal injury cases for their clients with unbelievable settlement amounts. While this does occur, it isn't typical, and the amount of most settlements rests on the burden of proof for your particular needs and the decision of the judge as to what should be fairly and adequately awarded.

You can't become a millionaire over personal injury. In reality, personal injury cases can go on for years, all the while you are trying to pay the personal injury attorney and keep up on your medical bills and your standard bills. Sure your attorney can include his expenses in your case settlement or even take the case "pro bono unless you win", but you can't see the bottom line in the future. What you sue for now might result in just a few leftover pennies when and if you do win.

That being said, what is the average personal injury settlement? The average personal injury settlement has no set formula nor can one calculate it to the dime. Factors like the type of personal injury case, geography, the injuries sustained, the level of damage incurred, etc., all weigh in on what you could get. If numbers MUST be presented, the averages across the U.S. are $340,000 for medical malpractice, $2.000 for slip and fall accidents, and about $24,000 for traffic accidents. As you can see with these numbers, the money gained barely covers the loss of a vehicle or the medical bills involved.

However, that does not mean you shouldn't pursue a personal injury case because the average personal injury settlement says you won't walk away better than you were. Your case is entirely different from any other case presented and the facts presented in the court by a personal injury attorney could get you quite a bit more than the ""average". You can not rely on the numbers even if you want to because no one knows the outcome of your suit until you get to that point.

Just like most contests in life, you don't know how you will do if you don't even try. Contacting a personal injury attorney for legal advice is a good place to start, and he/she will only confirm the information presented here. You probably won't be filthy rich, but your money worries will be substantially less.

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