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What are the costs for a Personal Injury Attorney

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What are the costs for a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys have a very mixed reputation. On the one hand, you have the less reputable attorneys and those that seem to unscrupulously take cases no matter what, and then you have high profile personal injury attorney that seem to only take cases involving big money and the media, and every other personal injury attorney seems to fall somewhere in between the two extremes. This can be a misleading portrayal of personal injury attorneys as a whole, and it does nothing to help someone evaluate a personal injury attorney and if they are in need of one. One of the first things that people want to know is what are the costs for a personal injury attorney? This question can have several answers.

Most personal injury attorneys will not charge you money up front if they represent you. If they do, it is usually a sign that they should not be your first, second, or third choice, but not always. What are the costs of a personal injury attorney? Ultimately, it depends on who you choose to represent your case. If an established personal injury attorney takes your case, they usually will take a percentage -- between 25-40%, or more -- of the total settlement or judgement received. Sometimes they will even assess a lien against your judgement for attorneys fees and court costs in addition to the percentage. In some ways this can seem quite unfair, but an attorney working on a contingency is taking a gamble on your case and will be paying out of pocket for the duration of the case.

If you base your decision solely on what the costs of a personal injury are, you will go with a firm or individual attorney that is willing to forego payment until your cases is settled. Some attorneys will only work for you if you pay them a retainer upfront, although this is much less common in personal injury cases than other aspects of law. Now, if you are the Defendant in a personal injury case, it is an entirely different story. For you, the question: "what are the costs for a personal injury attorney?" is not so easy to answer. You will certainly be paying out of pocket initially, as the best case scenario for you involves not having to pay a judgement to the Plaintiff, and there may be insurance issues involved.

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