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Top Benefits: Jacksonville PI Attorney and Law Firm

If you were involved in a personal injury accident, such as a slip and fall or car accident, you may be considering hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville. However, if you have never been involved with one of these claims before, you may be unsure if you need to. Learning the benefits of hiring a Lawyer can help you decide if it is right for you. Here are some of the benefits to hiring a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Knows the Statute of Limitations

When it comes to personal injury claims, the statute of limitations is important. The statute of limitations dictates how much time you have to file your personal injury claim. If you don't file the claim before the deadline, you lose out on the right to file a claim altogether. The deadline varies based on many factors including the type of accident, if the injured party was a minor and if the party at fault was a government entity. A Personal Injury lawyer in Jacksonville will help ensure your claim is filed before the statute expires.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Obtain Evidence

In order to win a personal injury claim, you need to be able to show that the other party is at fault for your injuries. If you can't show they were at fault, and why, you won't be able to recover any of the money you may be entitled to. Unfortunately, obtaining evidence isn't always easy. A store isn't just going to hand you surveillance video of you slipping and falling in their store and a dog owner may not come forward and say it was their dog that bit you. Your PI Attorney in Jacksonville is well versed in these cases and knows how to obtain evidence that can help you win.

A Personal Injury Attorney Handles the Filing

When you are filing a personal injury claim, you have to file the appropriate paperwork with the court and have it served on the correct party. A Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville will help you do this, ensuring your case moves forward. It also ensures you don't have to worry about filling out forms or filing the paperwork yourself.

Learning the benefits of hiring a personal injury Lawyer can help you decide if hiring a personal injury attorney is right for you. If you feel one can benefit you, call today to set up a consultation.

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