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Personal Injury Attorney Long Beach California

You can be living your life as usual, always conscious of the world around you and staying safe, and still find yourself in the middle of an injury accident that leaves you hurt, unable to work, and utterly stressed. At times like this, a personal injury attorney Long Beach California is a major convenience to have just a phone call away. There are several key pieces of information you will want to know before contacting a lawyer for help with a personal injury case.

What types of cases will a personal injury attorney Long Beach California help you out with?

Personal injury lawyers focus on helping clients who have been injured through no fault of their own. Most attorneys focus on specific types of personal injury cases in their practice, but many will help you regardless of the type of claim you have. A few of the more common reasons people contact a lawyer with a personal injury claim include:

  • They have been injured in an automobile accident.
  • They have been the victim of a slip and fall injury.
  • They have been on the receiving end of medical negligence that lead to injury.

Do you have to pay up front for the services provided by a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers typically charge only a contingency fee, which is paid if you win your case. You may be responsible for some medical bills up front, but the attorney will almost always not charge you anything until you see a good outcome in your claim. The fees charged with personal injury claims can range between 25 and 25 percent, depending on how far into the claim you are when a settlement is reached and even what state you live in.

Is there a statute of limitations on personal injury claims?

Technically speaking, the state of California gives you a statute of limitations of two years to file a personal injury claim. However, it is always best if you contact a personal injury attorney Long Beach California right away. The sooner really is the better in personal injury claims where details can get fuzzy and paperwork can get lost over time.

Being injured can leave you with a lot of burden that you definitely could have lived your entire life without. If you have been the victim of an accident and you feel like you have a personal injury claim on your hands, be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer in the Long Beach area for help right away.

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