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Mobile Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you looking for a Mobile personal injury lawyer to represent you in a case of employer harassment? Many people may not understand that workplace harassment and bullying are considered personal injury. In addition, plaintiffs that experience gender discrimination or race discrimination can also file personal injury claims against their employers.

Even though there are laws that protect employees from discrimination and harassment, the practice continues in some corporate environments. Harassment could involve personal attacks, spreading false rumors in the workplace and unrealistic surveillance practices. Employees who have been subjected to these tactics might have a case for filing a personal injury case.

Another workplace related injury claim stems from whistle blowing. Whistle blowing involves the disclosure of illegal or unethical activities to an authority that can take action to prevent or stop the activities from continuing.
When someone reveals unethical practices there should be a strong effort to protect the identity of the whistleblower and the accused party until an investigation is complete. Hiring a Mobile personal injury lawyer to bring a case against an employer that does not protect the privacy of individuals in these cases is sometimes necessary for affected Alabama employees.

In the South, one employment obstacle that continues to be a problem for females is overcome the proverbial good boy network. Women bring lawsuits when they feel they are only in management positions in name only. There are some companies that place a female in a lead role, but do not support her authority to sanction male employees under her supervision.

How You Can Determine if Your Case Has Merit

Not every unhappy employee can file a personal injury claim. However, there are some ways to determine if your case has merit.

You have documented proof you notified supervisors or other people in authority about harassing conditions in your workplace.

    Authorities refused or failed to take immediate corrective actions.
    The failure to take action is directly related to your age, gender, or race.
    The failure to take action follows a pattern of behavior toward certain groups.
    The harassment makes continued employment untenable.
    You suffered direct or indirect financial losses related to promotions, salary reviews or termination.

If you live in Alabama and you have suffered workplace injuries, contact a Mobile personal injury lawyer today to discuss legal options. Your attorney will review your case and determine if the case has merit. He might suggest that you engage in mediation with your employer to reach an equitable solution for settlement or to prevent further injury.

The legal approach to workplace personal injury cases can lead to a reinstatement of your position with tenure and benefits or to an outright compensation package with a departure agreement. Deciding which avenue is most beneficial for you is best determined by consulting with an experienced employment law attorney. Look for a Mobile personal injury lawyer with workplace expertise.

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