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How Do I Make a Claim For a Personal Injury

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How Do I Make a Claim For a Personal Injury

A personal injury claim for a motor vehicle accident can be complex depending upon the circumstances involved, and it is to your benefit to hire an attorney on your behalf.

When an accident occurs, take care of your medical needs first, and go to the emergency room. If you do not go to the emergency room, it will harm the outcome of your insurance claim.

As soon as you are able, call your accident injury attorney. Call your insurance agent and let him or her know what happened. This is the first step in starting your personal injury claim, and make sure that you keep track of documentation. Everything you say and do transfers to your medical record and become legal in a court of law.

Never deny any pain or symptoms because you feel people think you are a complainer. It is of utmost importance that the doctor documents each health complaint, and you describe all symptoms to the doctor. It is your life and future at stake. Do not make your condition sound worse or better than it really is. Just tell the truth.

Emergency staff documents what you tell them, and it will be in your record. Do not suffer from bad pain and tell the doctor and nurse you "Feel ok". The insurance adjuster will assume from those kinds of comments in your report that you are really just fine. The personal injury claim relies a great deal upon documentation and your medical history from the emergency room staff.

Depending upon how you feel, you have the right to ask the emergency doctor for a work release. If you are in pain, the day of your accident, rest assured you would be in more pain in a day or two. Some injuries may surface days, weeks or months after your accident. If you feel, you can deal with work the next day this is all right. However, if you cannot work, let the insurance adjuster know. Do not let the insurance company pressure you into going to work if you do not feel up to doing so.

Follow up with your primary care doctor as soon as possible. This visit will help to validate your insurance injury claim. At this visit, make sure to talk with your doctor about additional services such as physical therapy or a specialist visit as needed.

Insurance companies scrutinize documentation. If you tell the doctor that you are feeling yourself again, he or she will note what you say. After you make remarks like this, the insurance agent will feel they can stop payments.

The insurance company will also refer you to their doctor, and he or she will document everything you say. They will ask you how this accident is affecting your personal and work life. Your insurance adjuster will constantly review all medical bills. Be cautious when speaking with medical staff. If you are not getting better, and cannot proceed with your normal activities, you will have to consult with your attorney. Your insurance agent will not support your cause because the last thing they want to do is pay out money to you.

Let your injury attorney handle all complicated matters. Be sure to document all dates, times, whom you speak with and out of pocket money you spend on accident related issues.

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