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Personal injury lawyers litigate a variety of case types. They may defend individuals or companies accused of causing harm or represent litigants that have sustained injuries. The scope of personal injuries encompasses everything from medical malpractice to dog bites. Some high profile lawsuits have a major impact on social policy and corporate operating procedures.


Because personal injury cases can be very specific in nature, some attorneys choose one focus of practice. Any event that causes physical harm, emotional distress or financial loss can be classified as personal injury. The following list provides an example of some specialty areas.

    Medical malpractice
    Injury from domesticated animals
    Personal assault
    Failure to provide a safe working environment
    Automobile accidents
    Product liability
    Wrongful death

There are many aspects of preparing and defending injury cases that require collaborative efforts. An attorney that specializes in personal injury cases often works with a team of professional experts. Some of the tasks are mundane and routine, while others require many hours to complete.

Team Members

A legal team will probably include the specialists below.


A paralegal does research, prepares documents to help the lead attorney prepare for a case, maintains document files and many other tasks. She has some legal training and is essential to preparing and litigating a case in court.


An investigator may be on staff with a personal injury attorney or may be contracted to work on a particular case. Certified private investigators delve into the personal lives of the litigants and assist with other relevant research.

Investigating a case involves exploring the circumstances that led to the injury or death. An investigator examines evidence from the scene of the incident. By-standers and the people involved are interviewed. Often a background search is conducted to see if there is a pattern of neglect or ambivalence toward the law and personal responsibility.


Cases involving injury and death can be very complicated. Attorneys often work together and delegate certain duties for efficiency and time management purposes.

Determining the Merits

Personal injury lawyers accept clients on the merits of their case whether or not there is a valid claim. To make this determination, an attorney will interview a potential client and evaluate the initial information provided. He will research case law to see if there are precedents that will support a successful outcome.

Preparing for Trial

To prepare for a case, personal injury lawyers depose witnesses and chart a defense or offense, depending on which type of client he represents. During discovery attorneys gather information from the opposing side. Before going to trial, attorneys may try to negotiate a settlement for their client.

If you have suffered loss through no fault of your own, filing a person injury lawsuit could get you the compensation you deserve to put your life back on track. When you are looking for a team of personal injury lawyers to represent you, ask about their success rate in the courtroom before you put down a retainer for service.

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