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Florida Personal Injury Attorney

A Florida personal injury attorney protects your rights. People tend to believe the worst about attorneys that work in this field. They get labeled as ambulance chasers that profit off the suffering of others. The truth is a personal injury attorney’s goal is to get justice against negligent drivers, careless medical personal and incompetent insurance companies. It is about getting you compensation when something happens that is someone else's fault.

Personal injury law deals with negligence and misconduct, which results in damage to a person. A Florida personal injury attorney handles lawsuit filings and court appearances to recover losses and damages from these actions. The law in this area is distinctive. When considering a attorney to represent you for claims regarding an accident or medical malpractice, you want a professional well versed in the specifics of personal torts.

A tort is a harmful act. A Florida personal injury attorney specializes in two different forms of torts: intentional and negligence. Each format has its own set of rules in the Florida court system. Awards you receive with an intentional tort are different from what you might get from a lawsuit involving negligence. It is the job of the attorney to know which side your case falls on and how to work within the legal system to get you compensation. Even the judgments in personal injury law differ from other kinds of cases.

Florida law allows for two categories of award in a personal injury case – punitive and compensatory. Punitive damages are meant to punish the offender for his action, whether intentional or negligent. Compensatory awards help you recover what you lost due to this act. The laws for each type of personal injury case allow for a certain percentage of both punitive and compensatory awards based on the tort.

It is the job of a Florida personal injury attorney to examine the details of your claim and determine if the law provides a remedy. If the attorney feels you have a viable lawsuit, he must decide if the tort is intentional or negligence. From there, a decision can be made on the potential award for both compensatory and punitive damages. It takes a specialist who knows the details of Florida law and how they apply to your injury. When you suffer pain at the hands of another while in Florida, you want a personal injury attorney there to fight for your rights. 

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