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Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney

After a car accident, fall or other injury, you are probably left wondering, "Do I need a personal injury attorney?" Chances are, if someone else could possibly be at fault for the accident, and you have suffered a serious injury, the answer is yes.

What a Personal Injury Attorney Does

A personal injury attorney is going to fight to ensure that you are justly compensated for injuries you attained because of someone elseâs actions or inactions. In other words, if you are hurt because of something someone else did or did not do, then you can benefit from a personal injury attorney.

Evaluating the Injury

Now, simply being "hurt" may not justify the cost of a personal injury attorney. It can cost up to $5,000 to be represented by one. So, if you simply bruised your knee, but your doctor expects a full recovery, then hiring an attorney is not going to be cost effective.

However, if the accident means that you are going to miss work, will live with a life long disability or, in the worst case, have lost someone you love, then the answer to âDo I need a personal injury attorney?" is an absolute yes.

You may think that you do not need an attorney if the other partyâs insurance is offering to compensate you. Remember that insurance companies are not seeking your best interests, but rather are seeking to make money. As a result, they may not offer you as much as you really need to recover from your injuries. In fact, statistics from the insurance industry show that you will receive two to three times more compensation if you have an attorney than if you do not.

Compensation You May Not Think Of

Another reason to hire a personal injury attorney is to ensure that you receive all of the compensation you deserve and are entitled to. The insurance company is likely going to offer compensation for your injuries and medical bills. They may even volunteer to compensate you for time off of work. Yet, there may be ongoing struggles you have as a result of your injuries.

These struggles may be physical in nature. For instance, you may find yourself facing a lifetime of pain or disability. They may be emotional. For a traumatic event, you may struggle to overcome the emotional impact that the injuries and the accident itself leave behind. In these cases, having an attorney on your side will help you consider all possible forms of compensation that you deserve.

As you seek to answer, "Do I need a personal injury attorney?" remember that most attorneys will offer a free initial consultation. Visit with a few of them to talk about your case, and they will be able to tell you whether or not your case is a good one to warrant legal help. 

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